Monday, May 10, 2010

The Wonderful Sights

Hello folks!

Well it has been just past 4 months in Inuvik for this greenhorn. I'm starting to feel less greenhorn and more like a... caribou? LOL. Honestly, Inuvik feels like home. I am meeting all sorts of people here, making some really great friends, and really getting into my job with the Town. However, tonight instead of sending out a large array of information, I have decided to post a couple of pictures that I have taken around town in the last few months.

I hope you enjoy!

And I will try to get on here a little more and post some information for those of you who are the newest greenhorns to Inuvik or for those of you whom are contemplating the move (of which I totally recommend).


Here is the solar car that came through our community on the way back from Tuk. This car was driven on the ice road.... and I must say that would be quite the experience.

This is my friend Sarah... we have lady dates and go on long walks around Boot Lake. Boot Lake has a great walking trail... just beware that you could run into a bear or turn down the wrong trail as we did... Thank God for Shivers (the local watering hole) after a long cold walk.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More info on Inuvik

So I know I have not posted anything in about 3 months but it's been busy... yes that is my only excuse.

So much has happened that I barely remember it all...

Where to start?

Well, I guess let's part some more wisdom on you Internet folk (folk that will hopefully visit or move to this amazing town one day)

1) Stanton's is a great place to buy bulk foods... I recently went there and it was almost like shopping at Costco, alright a smaller version of Costco (it made me so happy).

2) Boards and committees are constantly looking for new members. Most are just advisory but its a great way to get involved with the community and get to know people, so send in some applications.

3) Canadian North has flights out of town every day of the week and First Air flies on Sundays as well as week days.

4) Whitehorse is a cheap and worthwhile adventure for a weekend (flights there cost around 600 bucks return) I will be heading there soon enough.

5) The post office closes down at 5:30pm so make sure you hit it first before anything else after work.

6) Not that this relates to Inuvik specifically but I found it out today and thought it was quite interesting, so I am going to share... A school bus can be driven by almost anyone with a license if you 1) take away the lettering and paint it another color and 2) remove all but 4 seats in the interior. (also, the passengers do not have to wear seat belts)... I thought it was interesting... It was on Canada's Worst Drivers.

7) The water will turn brown when the Town switches the systems over during the river break-up. It won't hurt you but most of my friends (BC folks) can't stand the taste of it, so be prepared to buy bottled water or a water cooler if you are particular about your drinking water.

8) The Firefighters Ball is definitely a must for your first year here. Its one of the bigger events in the community and is a great night of dining, dancing, and getting to drink the Stinky Pinky (I passed it up this year but maybe I'll be brave next year).

9) Supposedly Inuvik is really great with birthing practises. One of the mom's that I know had both of her kids here and she said that she got a private room, the children got to stay in the room with her, she had great nurses and doctors, and even had her husband and folks in the delivery room with her.

10) Just when you think that Mother nature has shown the last signs of winter... guess again! Don't put that heavier coat away too soon or you might regret it.

Cheers everyone. That's my take for tonight!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can't be a homebody forever now can I?

So after having an amazing New Years filled with singing, wonderful food, a glamorous cake, great people, a warm bonfire, and a few small fireworks... I found myself Friday staying in. This was the first day in a long time that I had absolutely nothing that needed to be done and I was going to enjoy it while it lasted. I watched movies, slept, and ate... it was great!

Saturday found me going over to see my building manager... what a sweet lady that one is. Lois is her name and she has been very helpful so far. I couldn't not imagine having a warmer welcome. She is however a no nonsense lady and runs a tight ship but you can tell that she cares about her tenants very much... I already feel at home. I meant to go over and pay rent and stop by the new place as the old tenant is selling a few things, but I got caught up. Lois and I chatted... she is fulled with so much information. One piece of information she provides me with is that there are many foxes around, and even small ground squirrels (which will be climbing in the trees straight outside my soon-to-be apartment window during the summer months). After a while, she brings me over to my apartment and the tenants there having quite a few things that I pick up. The best thing to me... even though it has nothing to do with the apartment is the baseball glove that I get for free!!!! I'm totally stoked for the summer when I can put it to good use!

Today, Sunday, I spend the morning being lazy once again... I am sure that after this week I will not have much time to my self and so I am taking completely advantage of the fact that I have little to do right now and that very few people know me (don't get me wrong, I'm excited to meet new people but this is a rare moment...and as so each moment should be cherished).

Around 3:00pm I decide that it being such a nice day out (despite that it is -19 degrees out and the windchill makes it -29 degrees), I am going to go on an adventure! As I am yet to receive my snow pants, it is a must to wear some joggers under my jeans, so I put both on and bundle up the rest of my body and head out. I take the first road down towards the Mackenzie River, and head down past Duck Lake. It's gorgeous out here! See for yourself!

Anyway, needless to say, after finding the river and taking a few pictures, I got lost! Turns out that is a good thing, I find the Bottle Depot, Liquor Store, Home Hardware, Power Corp, Municipal and Community Affairs Building, and even Ducks Unlimited.

Its been a great first weekend, I can't wait for next week to begin. I have to get everything set up for my new apartment (I'll take pics of the before and after once I get things all set up) and work wise, there is supposed to be a commercial crew coming in to produce a Tropicana commercial... which will include a large helium balloon! It's all very exciting...
Will try to keep ya posted!


Friday, January 1, 2010

15 Pieces of Info

So I wanted to make a list of the 20 things that I have learnt so far from my move to Inuvik... some are about the town, some are about life... I'm sure there is much more, but to write out 20 for the first few days is probably a good start.

15. Turkey's make great bowling balls.

14. No matter where you go, the welcoming arms are just the same... warm.

13. When the ice road breaks up in May(ish), milk and produce can go from affordable to... well... extremes. So I was informed to buy small chocolate milk jugs and fill them with milk around April and freeze them. And also to freeze produce. From what I am told vehicles will not be able to make it into Inuvik for anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

12. There are some very interesting people here and many that are very talented (for example, there was just a swim clinic put on at the pool to help correct swim strokes by a lady that coached at the summer games... and there are many many more folks like this).

11. Inuvik is not known to be very windy, just cold at times.

10. The concession stand at the Rec Complex supposedly hosts some of the best dishes in town (I'm told to try the roast beef sandwich... maybe I will do so when it reopens on Saturday).

9. The North Mart is a lot bigger than I would have imagined... and hosts a plethora of many different articles.

8. People have amazingly big hearts and don't forget what its like to be new in town... whether they have been here for one year or 20 years.

7. There are actually ICE ROAD TRUCKERS living in town. Yet to meet any though, Ill try to remember to take pics if I do meet some.

6. I'm told that the summers are to die for and that the town really hums in the summer as many people travel up to see the end of the Dempster highway and camp out at the parks around town.

5. Whitehorse is a fairly affordable weekend trip for those that need an escape. Flights are about $600 and if you post an ad at the post office to help with gas sometimes you can find someone that is heading that way. Oh and I'm told that there is a bus that goes from Inuvik to Whitehorse a few times per year but I'm not sure about the price (Moses Gordon runs this I believe).

4. Speaking of the post office, when you do post things on the bulletin board, make sure you get an ink stamp from the employees first or it will be taken down.

3. Bring moisturizer as the cold tends to dry the skin out (well mine has been anyways, face as well as body)

2. The News Stand store is the cheapest place in town to buy milk.

1. The IRC, third floor, sells local art and crafts, including such things as carvings, mitts, jackets, moccasins, and paintings... I am told that all proceeds go back to the artists.

Hope that helps out!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

its about the journey, not the destination...

Alright so here is a recap of my last few days... not totally filled with fun stuff but its been pretty good so far!

Monday Dec 28th...

5:00am: Wake up, look outside... cloudy, light snowfall... will the plane make it in??? who knows!

11:00am: plane does land... family says their farewells at the airport... and I cry of course!

12:45ish: Plane lands in Iqaluit, first flight down, but the weather in Rankin is bothering me... they are having the biggest blizzard there.

1:00pm: book in to Canadian North and am informed that we will be flying over Rankin (boerns no meeting with all friends) and landing in Yellowknife about an hour earlier than planned (YEAH! an extra hour at WALMART!)... oh and on top of it all, I run into a few familiar faces in the airport! Its always nice seeing old friends!

4:00-6:30pm: Board the plane and fly to Yellowknife... stopping in Rankin would have been great, it feels like such a long flight... but maybe its just cause I am so excited!
10:30pm: After checking into my hotel, grabbing a bite to eat from Timmie's and a very successful shopping trip to Walmart, I snuggle in under my bed sheets and wonder if I'm going to get into Inuvik tomorrow... I sure hope so!
Tuesday Dec 29th...

6:00am: wake up... gawd hotel beds are always so lumpy! But besides that the Super 8 treated me great! Totally recommend it... close to the airport, close to the walmart (that is open until 10:00pm) and close to the timmies!

8:00am: After showering, checking email, dressing and watching some tv to pass the time, I decide that I should get my butt into gear and go over to the TIMMIES! Donuts are always a good idea to bring into the communities (note to anyone that travels my way in the future).

9:00am: check in and check up on facebook while waiting to board the plane.

10:00am: boarding goes well... other than some elderly lady sitting in my seat, no biggie though.

11:00am: quick stop in Norman Wells... beautiful scenery! And there is a sun set! or rise... not sure which but it is fantabulous! Hoping that Inuvik sees some sunlight!

12:45pm: Land in Inuvik!!!!!! And there is some light! Paul (Human Resources) and Tony (Community Services Director and my BOSS!) pick me up... What a wonderfully warm welcome! Drop stuff off at the hotel and head out for a tour of the town and the rec complex!
They are so much bigger than I imagined and pictures do neither justice. Its gorgeous here and its so wonderful to see trees again. I get to see everything! The liquor store, ice road, grocery stores, igloo church, hotels, friendship centre (one of the oldest buildings in town from what I am told... it looks like a log cabin!), town hall, all the parks, lookout tower at Jak Park... oh and I almost forgot... the dempster highway sign!!! *Pics to come in the future*

6:00pm: After getting the grand tour of the complex and feeling a little overwhelmed... yet very excited to get things going as there is sooo much potential with the facility, I grab some groceries and sit down to a goulash....

and realize this is my first meal at my new "home"... hopefully I will find an actual home, as in an apartment and not the hotel, soon.

8:30pm: Couch!!!! as I lay down to watch a movie, after talking with the family about all the exciting new things that I will be experiencing with my new job (which by the way is the "new Josh", lol, yeah that's what everyone is told... but the real title is Rec Programmer)... anyway, I start to think that I could really get used to this place! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventures into the UNKNOWN

16792 minutes
792 hours
11 days
If everything goes as planned!!!!

...Yes, that is when I will step off the plane and find myself starting a new journey as a greenhorn in INUVIK!

What am I feeling????
-Excitement -Fear -Curiosity -Shock -Joy
-Relief -Stress -Nervousness -Optimistic -Happy

All sorts of things cross your mind when making a move like this... but mostly.... I'm Excited! I can't wait to see what this little town north of the Arctic Circle is going to teach me about life!

In my attempt to prepare for my big adventure, I have been researching daily anything and everything I can find on the Internet about Inuvik. I have learnt so much already... like that:
1) The meaning of Inuvik in Inuvialuktun is "Place of Man"
2) The town is occupied by approximately 3500 people
3) There are 30 days of darkness and 56 days when the Sun refuses to take a rest

Just to name a few... (BTW, more to come on the research)

Anywho, this blog is being started in hopes that it will inform, excite, and amaze others to come to this "wonderful" place and possibly make it home as I plan to do soon enough.

P.S. quotations are necessary in the above statement as I am not yet comfortable putting backing to that statement for the simple reason that I am yet to experience the wonderfulness for myself.

OKAY! Stay tuned!