Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventures into the UNKNOWN

16792 minutes
792 hours
11 days
If everything goes as planned!!!!

...Yes, that is when I will step off the plane and find myself starting a new journey as a greenhorn in INUVIK!

What am I feeling????
-Excitement -Fear -Curiosity -Shock -Joy
-Relief -Stress -Nervousness -Optimistic -Happy

All sorts of things cross your mind when making a move like this... but mostly.... I'm Excited! I can't wait to see what this little town north of the Arctic Circle is going to teach me about life!

In my attempt to prepare for my big adventure, I have been researching daily anything and everything I can find on the Internet about Inuvik. I have learnt so much already... like that:
1) The meaning of Inuvik in Inuvialuktun is "Place of Man"
2) The town is occupied by approximately 3500 people
3) There are 30 days of darkness and 56 days when the Sun refuses to take a rest

Just to name a few... (BTW, more to come on the research)

Anywho, this blog is being started in hopes that it will inform, excite, and amaze others to come to this "wonderful" place and possibly make it home as I plan to do soon enough.

P.S. quotations are necessary in the above statement as I am not yet comfortable putting backing to that statement for the simple reason that I am yet to experience the wonderfulness for myself.

OKAY! Stay tuned!

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