Tuesday, December 29, 2009

its about the journey, not the destination...

Alright so here is a recap of my last few days... not totally filled with fun stuff but its been pretty good so far!

Monday Dec 28th...

5:00am: Wake up, look outside... cloudy, light snowfall... will the plane make it in??? who knows!

11:00am: plane does land... family says their farewells at the airport... and I cry of course!

12:45ish: Plane lands in Iqaluit, first flight down, but the weather in Rankin is bothering me... they are having the biggest blizzard there.

1:00pm: book in to Canadian North and am informed that we will be flying over Rankin (boerns no meeting with all friends) and landing in Yellowknife about an hour earlier than planned (YEAH! an extra hour at WALMART!)... oh and on top of it all, I run into a few familiar faces in the airport! Its always nice seeing old friends!

4:00-6:30pm: Board the plane and fly to Yellowknife... stopping in Rankin would have been great, it feels like such a long flight... but maybe its just cause I am so excited!
10:30pm: After checking into my hotel, grabbing a bite to eat from Timmie's and a very successful shopping trip to Walmart, I snuggle in under my bed sheets and wonder if I'm going to get into Inuvik tomorrow... I sure hope so!
Tuesday Dec 29th...

6:00am: wake up... gawd hotel beds are always so lumpy! But besides that the Super 8 treated me great! Totally recommend it... close to the airport, close to the walmart (that is open until 10:00pm) and close to the timmies!

8:00am: After showering, checking email, dressing and watching some tv to pass the time, I decide that I should get my butt into gear and go over to the TIMMIES! Donuts are always a good idea to bring into the communities (note to anyone that travels my way in the future).

9:00am: check in and check up on facebook while waiting to board the plane.

10:00am: boarding goes well... other than some elderly lady sitting in my seat, no biggie though.

11:00am: quick stop in Norman Wells... beautiful scenery! And there is a sun set! or rise... not sure which but it is fantabulous! Hoping that Inuvik sees some sunlight!

12:45pm: Land in Inuvik!!!!!! And there is some light! Paul (Human Resources) and Tony (Community Services Director and my BOSS!) pick me up... What a wonderfully warm welcome! Drop stuff off at the hotel and head out for a tour of the town and the rec complex!
They are so much bigger than I imagined and pictures do neither justice. Its gorgeous here and its so wonderful to see trees again. I get to see everything! The liquor store, ice road, grocery stores, igloo church, hotels, friendship centre (one of the oldest buildings in town from what I am told... it looks like a log cabin!), town hall, all the parks, lookout tower at Jak Park... oh and I almost forgot... the dempster highway sign!!! *Pics to come in the future*

6:00pm: After getting the grand tour of the complex and feeling a little overwhelmed... yet very excited to get things going as there is sooo much potential with the facility, I grab some groceries and sit down to a goulash....

and realize this is my first meal at my new "home"... hopefully I will find an actual home, as in an apartment and not the hotel, soon.

8:30pm: Couch!!!! as I lay down to watch a movie, after talking with the family about all the exciting new things that I will be experiencing with my new job (which by the way is the "new Josh", lol, yeah that's what everyone is told... but the real title is Rec Programmer)... anyway, I start to think that I could really get used to this place! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventures into the UNKNOWN

16792 minutes
792 hours
11 days
If everything goes as planned!!!!

...Yes, that is when I will step off the plane and find myself starting a new journey as a greenhorn in INUVIK!

What am I feeling????
-Excitement -Fear -Curiosity -Shock -Joy
-Relief -Stress -Nervousness -Optimistic -Happy

All sorts of things cross your mind when making a move like this... but mostly.... I'm Excited! I can't wait to see what this little town north of the Arctic Circle is going to teach me about life!

In my attempt to prepare for my big adventure, I have been researching daily anything and everything I can find on the Internet about Inuvik. I have learnt so much already... like that:
1) The meaning of Inuvik in Inuvialuktun is "Place of Man"
2) The town is occupied by approximately 3500 people
3) There are 30 days of darkness and 56 days when the Sun refuses to take a rest

Just to name a few... (BTW, more to come on the research)

Anywho, this blog is being started in hopes that it will inform, excite, and amaze others to come to this "wonderful" place and possibly make it home as I plan to do soon enough.

P.S. quotations are necessary in the above statement as I am not yet comfortable putting backing to that statement for the simple reason that I am yet to experience the wonderfulness for myself.

OKAY! Stay tuned!