Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More info on Inuvik

So I know I have not posted anything in about 3 months but it's been busy... yes that is my only excuse.

So much has happened that I barely remember it all...

Where to start?

Well, I guess let's part some more wisdom on you Internet folk (folk that will hopefully visit or move to this amazing town one day)

1) Stanton's is a great place to buy bulk foods... I recently went there and it was almost like shopping at Costco, alright a smaller version of Costco (it made me so happy).

2) Boards and committees are constantly looking for new members. Most are just advisory but its a great way to get involved with the community and get to know people, so send in some applications.

3) Canadian North has flights out of town every day of the week and First Air flies on Sundays as well as week days.

4) Whitehorse is a cheap and worthwhile adventure for a weekend (flights there cost around 600 bucks return) I will be heading there soon enough.

5) The post office closes down at 5:30pm so make sure you hit it first before anything else after work.

6) Not that this relates to Inuvik specifically but I found it out today and thought it was quite interesting, so I am going to share... A school bus can be driven by almost anyone with a license if you 1) take away the lettering and paint it another color and 2) remove all but 4 seats in the interior. (also, the passengers do not have to wear seat belts)... I thought it was interesting... It was on Canada's Worst Drivers.

7) The water will turn brown when the Town switches the systems over during the river break-up. It won't hurt you but most of my friends (BC folks) can't stand the taste of it, so be prepared to buy bottled water or a water cooler if you are particular about your drinking water.

8) The Firefighters Ball is definitely a must for your first year here. Its one of the bigger events in the community and is a great night of dining, dancing, and getting to drink the Stinky Pinky (I passed it up this year but maybe I'll be brave next year).

9) Supposedly Inuvik is really great with birthing practises. One of the mom's that I know had both of her kids here and she said that she got a private room, the children got to stay in the room with her, she had great nurses and doctors, and even had her husband and folks in the delivery room with her.

10) Just when you think that Mother nature has shown the last signs of winter... guess again! Don't put that heavier coat away too soon or you might regret it.

Cheers everyone. That's my take for tonight!