Friday, January 1, 2010

15 Pieces of Info

So I wanted to make a list of the 20 things that I have learnt so far from my move to Inuvik... some are about the town, some are about life... I'm sure there is much more, but to write out 20 for the first few days is probably a good start.

15. Turkey's make great bowling balls.

14. No matter where you go, the welcoming arms are just the same... warm.

13. When the ice road breaks up in May(ish), milk and produce can go from affordable to... well... extremes. So I was informed to buy small chocolate milk jugs and fill them with milk around April and freeze them. And also to freeze produce. From what I am told vehicles will not be able to make it into Inuvik for anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

12. There are some very interesting people here and many that are very talented (for example, there was just a swim clinic put on at the pool to help correct swim strokes by a lady that coached at the summer games... and there are many many more folks like this).

11. Inuvik is not known to be very windy, just cold at times.

10. The concession stand at the Rec Complex supposedly hosts some of the best dishes in town (I'm told to try the roast beef sandwich... maybe I will do so when it reopens on Saturday).

9. The North Mart is a lot bigger than I would have imagined... and hosts a plethora of many different articles.

8. People have amazingly big hearts and don't forget what its like to be new in town... whether they have been here for one year or 20 years.

7. There are actually ICE ROAD TRUCKERS living in town. Yet to meet any though, Ill try to remember to take pics if I do meet some.

6. I'm told that the summers are to die for and that the town really hums in the summer as many people travel up to see the end of the Dempster highway and camp out at the parks around town.

5. Whitehorse is a fairly affordable weekend trip for those that need an escape. Flights are about $600 and if you post an ad at the post office to help with gas sometimes you can find someone that is heading that way. Oh and I'm told that there is a bus that goes from Inuvik to Whitehorse a few times per year but I'm not sure about the price (Moses Gordon runs this I believe).

4. Speaking of the post office, when you do post things on the bulletin board, make sure you get an ink stamp from the employees first or it will be taken down.

3. Bring moisturizer as the cold tends to dry the skin out (well mine has been anyways, face as well as body)

2. The News Stand store is the cheapest place in town to buy milk.

1. The IRC, third floor, sells local art and crafts, including such things as carvings, mitts, jackets, moccasins, and paintings... I am told that all proceeds go back to the artists.

Hope that helps out!

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