Monday, May 10, 2010

The Wonderful Sights

Hello folks!

Well it has been just past 4 months in Inuvik for this greenhorn. I'm starting to feel less greenhorn and more like a... caribou? LOL. Honestly, Inuvik feels like home. I am meeting all sorts of people here, making some really great friends, and really getting into my job with the Town. However, tonight instead of sending out a large array of information, I have decided to post a couple of pictures that I have taken around town in the last few months.

I hope you enjoy!

And I will try to get on here a little more and post some information for those of you who are the newest greenhorns to Inuvik or for those of you whom are contemplating the move (of which I totally recommend).


Here is the solar car that came through our community on the way back from Tuk. This car was driven on the ice road.... and I must say that would be quite the experience.

This is my friend Sarah... we have lady dates and go on long walks around Boot Lake. Boot Lake has a great walking trail... just beware that you could run into a bear or turn down the wrong trail as we did... Thank God for Shivers (the local watering hole) after a long cold walk.


  1. Hi there. I'm looking at a move to Inuvik as well, hopefully working for the town. I'm assuming that you have moved or taken another position now, since I saw your position of recreation programmer posted about a month ago. Anyway, I have an interview with the town, and wondered if you could tell me much about the workplace. I saw your comment about Paul picking you up from the airport, and he's actually who I've been dealing with so far there. Did you find a place to stay before you moved there, or did you stay in a hotel until you found an apartment?